Disingenuous is as Joe Pitts does

Friday, December 09, 2005 at 04:40 PM

Congressman Joe Pitts (R, Pa) has never really been known as an intellectual.  And since he broke his promise to abide by the term limits in the old Gingrich Contract with America, even the Republicans don't think too much of his honesty.

Add me to the list of people who feel that way.  Here's the honorable Mr. Pitts on the venerable Town Hall web site:

"It is also important to understand why these brutal killers have chosen to make Iraq the central front in the war on terror.  Having lost their base of operations in Afghanistan due to the exemplary success of coalition forces in Operation Enduring Freedom, the terrorists are now seeking to find safe harbor elsewhere."

Now that's what I call bootstrapping.  We invade Afghanistan, then we invade Iraq.  In invading Iraq, we provide Muslim terrorists with their greatest rallying cry ever.  Then we fail to protect Iraq's borders so that extremists can pour into the country.  We go so far as to justify invading Iraq on the ground that at least we've drawn the terrorists out into the open there, where we can fight them.

But Joe Pitts sees it all just a tad differently.  They didn't come into the country because we invaded it and they see it as a test of Muslim will and resolve to oppose us.  Oh no.  They came into the country because we were so successful in shooing them out of Afghanistan.

And lets face it, once you've been shooed out of Afghanistan, you pretty much have to go to Iraq.  Don't you?  Wouldn't make any sense to go elsewhere, like Pakistan's mountains.  Or the Sudan.  Would it?  Joe?