Postscript: Pearl versus 911

Sunday, December 11, 2005 at 04:51 AM

I've still got some steam venting from me over the last piece I just did...

Of course, the idea is to compare the pre-war stuff, failure of diplomacy and the attack on Pearl Harbor to the events of 911. Some similarities do exist, but....

-Read again FDR's declaration before Congress, 8 Dec 1941. It mentions clearly that diplomatic ties were still in place, negotiations going on to resolve the issues between Imperial Japan and the US, and that such an attack basically showed the government of Japan to be "liars".

-Such an attack required a lot of prior planning, which, again, seems to indicate Japan was talking one thing while doing yet another. That didn't bode well, now did it?

-Ideally, the suspension of diplomatic efforts would take place just 30 minutes before the attack began. Due to a poor typist, the decoded Ultimatum wasn't given to SOS Cordell Hull until 50 minutes into the attack.

-Man for man, woman for woman, the dead of Pearl and 911 come out about the same, about 3,000 total. However, on a military scale, a similar attack by Al Qaeda would've totally destroyed most of Manhattan.

-There was not, nor is there any diplomatic negotations going on with bin Laden's people. No treaties were in place, none exist at this hour.

-Despite the Hart Report, despite the intel presented to The Shoe Lady by the outgoing Clinton administration, the Chimp Zoo did just about goddamned nothing about it.

-bin Laden, yes, miscalculated as did General Tojo and the cabinet and army under Emp Hirohito. The attack on Pearl, like the attack on NYC, both...was meant as a warning.

Yes, both backfired miserably.

-And no, FDR didn't send troops into Iraq with phony intel and BS press coverage. FDR sent Ike to Europe, Macarthur to the South Pacific. Both campaigns worked.

-No, the neocons of 1941-1945 didn't get to sit on their asses and bitch: They, too, got called up to serve. Many of them lied like hell to get in. Of those, many became decorated war vets.

-Unemployment? What's that? Not when the work force was that committed to the war effort. My dear mother? Oh, yes, she was a genuine "Rosie The Riveter!" She assembled wings for Douglas Aircraft.

-And no, FDR didn't declare victory until Berlin fell, and the final bombing of Nagasaki took place. Only then.

-And, gee golly, FDR was a Democrat. He also made changes to rebuild the economy, wrecked hard by the foolish policies of Calvin Coolidge. He established social security, attached laws to Wall Street, and is credited with ending The Great Depression, and yes, his record shines compared to that of a fucking alcoholic bible-thumping jackass mama's boy.

-Oh, and unlike others? Another Democrat, one Harry S Truman declared we'd best help rebuild both Germany and Japan. Perhaps Dubya might take a page from him, as the current rebuilding of Iraq better resembles a Three Stooges short.

-And just to be damned nasty, I sent this back to the sender of the thing that got me so riled up: "I mokusatsu you."

Let them figure out the importance of that word, and what it meant back in those days, eh?