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Monday, December 12, 2005 at 02:24 AM

Sims Red? Sims Blue? Which do you vote for? More after the break...

Dr. Dennis Loo has dropped a pretty mean commentary about how the election was stolen in 2004.

Read it for yourself. Like any academic, it's pretty darned long, but has loads and loads of data....that do not add up.

He is right, so are other academics who've studied the elections of 2000 and 2004: We wasn't just robbed, we was also raped, bullied and beaten and left to rot.

Too many, sadly, ignore hard data like this and instead slide back into neoconthink and poopoo the entire idea as tin-foil hat conspiracy freaks, or that those who support such a concept are also sitting naked in the fields looking for UFO's.

But, there is one piece of data present that's a little tough for even a hardcore skeptic like me to swallow: If many polls had Kerry as the clear winner, why did we wake up to another four years of Das Chimpenfuerher? How did this happen?

Worse? Why are the Democrats so silent on such a thing? As pointed out, you'd think they'd raise unholy hell over such. Right? Right?

Nope. And the logical solution is also one I've been saying for some time now: With rare exceptions here and there, there exists no such thing as an opposition party.

Many wags, such as our friends over at Democratic Underground, or other blogs have said it very well: America is now controlled by a singular political party, which could rightly be called The Party Of Moolah.

Meaning, it's just like that cute scene in the movie Moon Over Parador, where the two soldiers are debating which "Sims" ticket to vote for: Sims Red? Sims Blue?

"I think I'll go blue."
"Why? Either is the same."
"Yeah, but I just like blue."

Reality, of course, says, either gets you the same, of course. Same here, and same now: With the rare exceptions of firebrands like John Conyers, Murtha, Feingold, Spratt, Clyburn....the rest who call themselves Democrats? Like Clinton? Kerry?

The Party Of Moolah. Their Vision Statement?

"Whoever pads my wallet, whoever hands me donations, gifts and other goodies, well, they call the shots."

Meaning? One party. Meaning? Democrats-in-name-only, yes, DINO's.

This is why, despite the Carter Commission, that absolutely nothing has been done, nor will be done to change an election mechanism that is wide slam open to fraud, tinkering, tomfoolery and any other term you care to use that basically says the same thing: We was robbed.

And, so long as the MSM keeps on pretending they're a bad clone of the old Soviet Pravda (can't really say this anymore, Pravda these days rocks, dudes!), pretending red is blue, green is ultraviolet, the economy's stronger than ever, and anyone who thinks otherwise is obviously smoking reefer by the metric boxcar load.

Anyone, then, who honestly believes the 2000, 2002 and 2004 elections were rigged out the wazoo, ergo, needs lessons in Reality 101.

No need, I own a PhD in such, and the sad reality is, as there is no opposition party worth a poop, and a media that's under Goebbels-like control, well, folks, welcome to Parador.

Now, let's go have us a Poona....