O'Reilly's "no truth" zone

Tuesday, December 13, 2005 at 03:22 PM

This gets boring after a while, but the Mouth of the Lout has struck again.  A Michigan television station is reportingthat a statement O'Reilly made on his radio show, again pushing the idea that there is some secular "war on Christmas" appears to have not a speck of truth to it.

The brief report notes that O'Reilly claimed that Saginaw Township officials banned residents from wearing red and green during the holiday season, stating on air:

"In Saginaw , Michigan , the township opposes red and green clothing...on Anyone, In Saginaw Township they basically said anybody, we don't want you wearing red or green. I would dress up from head to toe in red to green if I were in Saginaw Michigan."

When the tv station (WNEM TV-5) asked the Saginaw Township supervisor, Tim Braun, about it, however, Braun said O'Reilly's comments were flat out not true, and went on to say that the township's hall has red and green Christmas lights adorning the building at night.

Not surprisingly, the Fox News Channel which broadcasts the Moth's Cable TV show "The O'Reilly Factor" disclaimed any responsibility, noting that the Saginaw Township comments were a radio issue which had nothing to do with the Fox News Channel.

The tv station is currently attempting to contact O'Reilly's radio producers for their side of the story.

Just a question:  is there any limit to how many times an on-air "personality" can get facts, quotes, and historical information dead wrong before getting pulled off the air for incompetence?