Dear Santa......

Monday, December 19, 2005 at 02:24 AM

Dearest Santa-

It's that time of year again, and I am penning you with my wish of things I would dearly love to have under my tree....

No, sir, I sincerely doubt I've been all that good, I think that depends on how one defines such. I will say I have played my part as best I can this year, always doing what I can and where I can for others, of course.


First, I want Congress to wake up and realize that El Presidente's admission of spying on the public without court nods is, yes, a high crime and/or misdemeanor, and yes, is worthy of full impeachment, except, that idea sorta rattles me, as one might need to impeach the entire legislature along with the entire Shlub Regime, but, hey, you do what's best, right?

Second, I'd love to see a certain TV commentator come down with lockjaw. Make him step on a nail or something. Whatever. He annoys me and others no end.

Third, more radio stations carrying Air America, thank you. Send Hannity and Limbaugh's programs to those stations in Iran, that's a laugh, eh?

Fourth, and I don't how to do it, but I'd love to see this nation wake up to the fact that we have been royally hijacked by a carload of morons whose only goal is a bad replay of the reign of Caligula or Constantine. That would be way cool, dude.

Fifth, again, not sure how it would have to work, but something to stir alive something inside of the Religious Right, something to remind them that their founder wasn't into politics, or hate, or money, but stood for forgiveness, acceptance and joy. Yeah, I know, tall order, but we're wishing, right?

Six. Please deliver a nice gift of some sort to Al Franken. His latest tome, Truth...with jokes is not only hilarious, but dead solid perfect. We need more like him so bad!

Seven. For you, sir! A Garmin 500 GPS, replete with the latest approaches, freqs, no-flies, the works. Trust me, they kick butt on those flights when not even Rudolph can nav his way around fog over 9L. No stuff, sir. Enjoy!

Eight. Some relief for me and others who are suffering the financial slings of Repuke methodologies. A replay of The New Deal is in order, sir, and with my and others deep thanks.

Yeah, I know, I never wish small, do I?

Oh, and file IFR. I know the kids at the centers will be watching your back!