Dance Band On The Titanic

Wednesday, December 21, 2005 at 03:49 AM

Remember the late Harry Chapin?
"Dance band on the Titanic.."

Take a look, folks, a sampling of how the string section's just warming up to play "Nearer My God To Thee", as the HMS GOP slides under the waves at long last.

First, this of course, about our persistant John Conyers is setting out to censure the chimp and his handler. Rep Conyers still wants us to keep in mind the Downing Stree Memo, despite the MSM's corporate-induced Alzheimer's.

The Repukes, of course, are dismissing this as more noise from Conyers, as they often do.

Well, laugh it up, RNC, or have we heard the latest? Yep, seems old Jack Abramoff may be this close to cutting a deal. Yessir, in exchange for his testimony....he may well roll over and "drop dime" on a few dozen senators and reps.

Oh, gee, golly and gosh.

Then, the idiotic Intelligent Design move got handed not just a huge setback to their creationist cause. Yep, seems Judge John E Jones not only backslapped the Religious Right, but with a stinging 139 page spanking!!!

If I were the GOP or the Religious Right (and I can't tell them apart anymore, really), I'd start thinking and hard about how to pronounce the word "surrender".

Nyahh, they're going down, kids, nose first to Davy Jones Locker. Too bad, I guess they do have a death wish, mmmm?