Letters, too! Oh my!

Thursday, December 22, 2005 at 03:48 AM

Just a quick reminder: Due to the changes here at WTW, I am now the custodian of the WTW mailbox!

Simple to use, even I can use it:


Other changes are coming, please be patient as Lee and moi are working with the management to improve this place, and make it even more user-friendly. Those of you who are linking to us, thanks loads, we mean it. Send us some stuff! Glad to post quality stuff, yessiree bob!

Oh, yes, must mention, too: Anything sent to me can and may become cannon fodder for ridicule, expose or other strangeness. Troll at your peril. Or send me recipes. No kidding.

Anyways, look forward to 2006 at full warp capacity! We work hard so....um....nevermind!