That's Our David Said That!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006 at 01:33 AM

Absolute kudos and a big tip of the old redneck ballcap to one David Letterman, who, had none other than Faux Noise's OWN Bill O'Really....and talk about fireworks!!!!!!!!........

Watch the clip. It's about as gruesome as Jon Stewart's bit on CNN, but to my eyes and ears? Plays a lot like the late Edward R Murrow taking down "Tailgunner Joe" McCarthy.

And what's stunning is that David has always been overly nice to his guests. This time? Klingon magistrate's court on a slow Tuesday.

"I think 60 percent of what you say is crap!"

Gee, Dave, just SIXTY? We, here at Watching The Watchers have the estimate far higher, with our dear friends over at Bill's worst nightmare, Media Matters placing such stuff up there into, oh, say around .999999999999999999754 percent?

The freepers, naturally, were hurt, as the poster child for The Global American Feudal Empire was handed his hat and coat and shown the political-cum-philosophical door. Freeper websites, yes, are steaming mad....their spokesperson (hack-cough-vomit-gag) was shown and well to all and sundry: More mouth than substance.

I loved it. I won't lie. It's past time that someone associated with the MSM said the truth for once: Faux Noise is not news, anymore than O'Really is part of something "fair and balanced". Wrong. Part of the RNC machinery, oh, yes, Virginia, that's the truth there.

Of course, David's audience, all Big Apple residents for the most part, cheered for blood. And why not? O'Really's scam may play well in Middle-Of-Nowhere, Georgia, but not to the blue staters, such as NYC, and of that, I am proud of how they took this little bloodletting, and even more surprised that O'Really was so utterly speechless!!

Now, David, if you're a WTW reader? Do us all a favor, sir? Ann Coulter. Sean Hannity. El Oxycondo. Take them all down, dude.

And such? Well, it'd make me stay up late from now on!!