Truth 1, Mainstream Media 0

Wednesday, January 04, 2006 at 04:56 PM

No, this ain't about sports. Our pal Arianna over at Huffington Post says a good one about a news media out of control...

Shocking? Shameful? Or typical?

I wasn't stunned in the least: The clowns that can't do much beyond drooling over Herr Bush press releases (and attempting to pass same as "news", nyuk-nyuk-nyuk..) once again have managed to stoop to some really new lows.

Read her piece, and study the timeline therein: First, it's "all miners are alive", then...whoa, what's this? Did we make a big GOOF?

And as she says, it is any wonder why nobody trusts the MSM anymore? That they can't tell the truth? And when facts need to checked before a story airs, well, are they? Well, dammit, are they???

No, it's back to the same old stuff where the MSM appears like Great Whites, sniffing here and then there for the scent of chum, and snapping, thrashing and going berserk.....over nada.

One can then understand the anger, frustration and heartache of the families of the miners, they got lied to and bad, now did they?

Of course, the media's backpedalling faster than slamming the reversers on a jumbo jet on an icy runway, thank you: "Oh, it was a bad cell phone call and...."

No, it's called "Thou Shalt Check Thy Sources For Accuracy", or do we want yet another replay of other MSM goofs? Need we name a few? Or do we have that much time to waste?

Go away, MSM, and keep going, and take your fondness for ratings, slaving under your corporate masters and attempts at "news"....with you.

And good riddance!