Tired of official corruption? "Tell your leadership you want the bad apples cleaned out"

Thursday, January 05, 2006 at 11:45 AM

An editorial in todays Kentucky Post has had an enough of the congressional financial follies.  After detailing which representatives from the Kentucky-Ohio area had received money from Mr. Abramoff, the editor has some appropriate words for the government leaders, and excellent advice on what they should tell their leadership (boldfacing mine):

"And here's some more advice for the tri-state delegation: Assert yourselves. Tell your leadership you want the bad apples cleaned out. And tell them too that your constituents are fed up with the stories coming out of Washington about lobbyists leading Congress around by the ring through its nose.

"We're fighting a war no one wanted and that we can't afford. We have a health-care system that's held together with bandages. We have a retirement security system that's showing gaping cracks in its foundations. And not only has Congress failed to address such matters, it has ceded power to the likes of Tom "The Hammer'' DeLay and, judging from the Abramoff disclosures, a regiment of lobbyists."