New Polls: Warrants Needed for Spying and Birchers Favor Impeachment

Saturday, January 07, 2006 at 05:48 PM

Is it cold in this part of hell yet AGAIN?

Bush and the Republicans keep spinning and spinning, Fox news heads keep grinning and grinning, the religious right keeps sinning and sinning, but it looks like common sense may be winning and winning.

New polls.

The first, an ongoing, online John Birch Society poll, finds heavy favor for impeaching Mr. Bush (65% yes, 32% no, 3% brain dead enough to not know).

The second, an AP/Ipsos poll, indicates that the majority of Americans (56%) say "the government should be required to first get a court warrant to eavesdrop on the overseas calls and e-mails of U.S. citizens when those communications are believed to be tied to terrorism," while 42% do "not believe the court approval is necessary."  No word on whether that 42% also find that it would be okay to torture people just like them as long as it doesn't necessarily involve them, at least if it turns out that they were suspected of supporting, knowing, or having sometimes mentioned al Qaeda.

So, relatively good news, I guess.  If you call respondents to a Birch Society poll demonstrating more awareness than the general populace good news.