DeLay Resignation Letter, Annotated

Saturday, January 07, 2006 at 06:01 PM

Tom Delay, as you've probably heard, has sent a letter of resignation from his ex-post as House Majority Leader.

His letter is available on several sites, but what the H, let's let Fox news do the honor. It's short and sweet, which I hope is the exact opposite of his eventual prison term.

An annotated version of the letter appears below, my annotations in brackets.

Dear Mr. Speaker [you best remember who got you that job, buddy!],

I am writing to inform you of my decision [inflicted by my ex-friends] to permanently step aside as majority leader, and of my belief that the best interests of the conference would be served by the election of a new leader as soon as possible [if you can find one not under indictment, investigation or suspicion; maybe suspicion will be okay].

The job of majority leader and the mandate [we can say that until the idiot media finally catches on] of the Republican majority are too important to be hamstrung, even for a few months, by personal distractions [like Job in the bible had personal distractions].

I will continue to serve my constituents [so long as their interests coincide with my own] and seek re-election [no matter what the real vote might be] to a 12th term representing Texas' 22nd district while I work [hey, it's closer to work than hosting phony charity events] to clear my name [not to mention my rap sheet] of the baseless charges [if you don't look too close] leveled against me. I will also be reclaiming [don't try to stop me] my seat on the Appropriations Committee [where all that good money stuff occurs] when the second session of the 109th Congress convenes later this month.