"Bill of Rights Day" was day Times disclosed warrantles spying

Monday, January 09, 2006 at 01:32 PM

It may have slipped by you that our president issued a proclamation on December 9, 2005, proclaiming "December 10, 2005, as Human Rights Day; December 15, 2005, as Bill of Rights Day; and the week beginning December 10, 2005, as Human Rights Week."

How fitting that Bill of Rights Day fell the same date that the NY Times disclosed the warrantless surveillance program, eh?

Kind of makes you wonder whether there should have been some kind of commemorative ceremony for most ironic coincidence of the year.  Or decade.

Apart from the irony, how great are freedom and democracy doing in the world that George Bush inhabits?  Check the excerpt below, and compare his vision to your own.

Excerpt from Presidential Proclamation:

This year has seen great advances in the spread of democracy and human rights. In January, more than eight million Iraqi men and women braved threats of violence to vote for a provisional government. In October, Iraqis voted in even greater numbers to approve a draft constitution  for their country, and on December 15, they will return to the polls to elect a Council of  representatives. Millions of Afghans voted in September in the first free legislative elections in Afghanistan in decades. Countries of the former Soviet bloc are emerging as thriving democracies. A free press is gaining ground in Kyrgyzstan, and civil institutions are being strengthened in Ukraine and Georgia. We have witnessed good progress this year, and America will continue this historic work to advance the cause of freedom.