More Truth, Less Mythos

Thursday, January 12, 2006 at 02:38 AM

A dear friend of mine who is slowly sliding further away from the grasp of the poisons of GOP pre-processed stuff asked me recently, as we were talking....and it came time to dispell some myths, to which this person was shocked...

Myth One: Why ARE we in Iraq?

This one's not as easy as it looks, and requires a little digging to make any sense, it's a two-fold answer, and again, requires you look sideways at things.

Oil is a favorite, and this does make sense, but doesn't make sense. Many inside the beltway are scared silly that powerhouse China, their appetite for saturated hydrocarbons soon to outpace our own, will, yes, wish to dominate OPEC, etc. The fact that China's put in a good attempt to purchase their own oil company or three is a good sign this is correct.

Ergo, the idea is to "secure" ourselves a proven source, and put it under Uncle Sam's hands, so, if push comes to shove, nobody else can have it. Gee, wasn't that easy?

But, too, and this goes to the creepy motives of those Nazis at PNAC: It's also part of this globalization religion we now suffer under. You see, there's a flip to the conning natives of other lands to make stuff, we also wish them to adorn their landscape with golden arches and supercenters galore. This is the other part of globalization we don't see here at home.

Unfortunately, well, golly gosh, some of these natives of these many lands....well, they just don't relish the idea. A Wal-Mart supercenter in downtown Baghdad? A McDonald's right next door to the Champs-Elysees? Yes, Virginia, these people just don't care for that idea...

And yes, it's much worse in the Middle East, where Islam forbids such. Devout Muslims are not into jewelry, nor watching teen girls wriggle about in hip-hugger designer jeans. Kind of makes sense from their viewpoint, do it not?

Ergo, it's Crusades III. Yep, but this time, it's also the US playing pope. Not just after the oil, but, too, to faithfully crush Islam, other cultures, and replace all with our own twisted religion: Materialism.

We don't see this. Greg Palast has, so have those at Al Jazeera. Read, I dictate, the bloggers who aren't American, their take on our BS is far more entertaining and accurate: It doesn't have shit to do with promoting democracy, but promoting VISA, Wal-Mart and McDonald's.

To that, those overseas see we Americans sort of as the fictional Star Trek "Borg": RESISTANCE IS FUTILE. WE ARE HERE TO SELL YOU EVERYTHING.

Yeahboy, including high cholesterol counts, too. Ain't that just so lovely?

Myth #2: "Why do liberals and progressives hate America?"

Answer: The problem with that question? It's nonsense. It's also RNC crap. It's also PNAC-inspired Nazi propaganda.

Sort of sidebarring, sort of: Why do so many of we progressives refer to the current regime as Nazi or fascist? Answer: If it quack like a duck, swim like a duck, chase flies like a duck, well, it ain't a backhoe.

I then pull out my own knowledge of history and enlighten them: Old Benito himself said it, that a "marriage between government and industry" was the way to go. Anytime big money runs things? It's either an aristocracy (France, 1700-1790) or, a fascist deal (Italy, under Mussolini). It's pretty simple and doesn't require math.

The comparisons between latter-day America and Hitler, 1930-1940? Those are pretty obvious: A controlled media that doesn't dare print the truth, using a national tragedy as fuel for a nasty agenda, hatred of certain portions of our society as "enemies of the state", and well, just add swastika and again, it sure quacks like one, eh? Gee, and this trampling the constitution on the grounds of "national security"? Yep, Hitler said pretty much the same in his day, too.

I tell my friend: We don't hate America; we hate what America is evolving into, and it is not what the founders had in mind. Nor me. Nor others.

Worse, because too many of us are too close to being the problem, we sometimes have to ask our friends overseas for their observations, and so far, those observations paint us as: Rude, selfish, nationalist, atheistic, money-hungry, materialistic, nasty, uncultured....and that's just Monday's take.

What happened? What happened to the America that raced across Europe under Patton and Ike? That was welcomed with such love as we nuked Adolph a new anus?

We changed, that's what. I get up on my soapbox a bit: America's God? The almighty dollar, that's what. Christianity? What are you smoking there, pilgrim? What does Jesus have to do with Wall Street? The GNP? Sending jobs overseas so the robber barons can return pretty numbers to their stockholders?

No, America is sliding deeper into...Sodom. The Talmud version, at that. Greedy, selfish, consuming everything, replacing nothing. That, of course, isn't even remotely pretty, considering that we once all had savings, cleaner skies and more smile, eh?

As for Christianity, it's a smoke screen, used by a drunk to pass himself off as one of them, when the real truth is....well, I'd make a better brain surgeon by comparison.

What was interesting? This friend listened and hard to my spiel. I was stunned by that. Maybe things are changing, but these things do take time, of course. But, what worries me is that old "It's always darkest before dawn", and I'm not sure how much darker it must get beforehand.

That, as always, worries me deeply.