Science Beats Religion, Take #25,917

Sunday, January 15, 2006 at 01:30 AM

This is just beautiful! Real proof that no two snowflakes are the same...

"Okay, Six, what are we smoking now?..."

Just proof of something I've known as a child: If God IS, well, He's way cooler than we dare dream, eh?

Of course I'm a fan of science. Science is mysticism with calculus. It's an attempt not just to explain the cosmos; it's also how we sit back and drool over how sexy it all is, and how, at times, we need our asses smacked and hard...for not realizing how precious, wonderful and staggering life itself is, and how, even the littlest stuff is just so maddening. How dare we criticise? Why don't we howl at how wild it all is, instead?

Oh, religious nuts, take note of the artwork: Notice how the number "six"...hehehehehehe! Isn't that a hoot? "Why, Six, do snowflakes seem to react to....well....the number six???"

I like to look at this way: Who cares? Just enjoy. Russell and Audubon were correct...the best in front of your nose.