The Great, Retarded David Limbaugh

Thursday, July 21, 2005 at 11:46 PM

Ok, so I got an article in my inbox about fifteen seconds ago, and it was from one of my uber-con friends (yes, I am not too 'elite' to hang about with these misguided souls... at least not yet).

It was by the Great Retard of Dubious Parentage Himself, David Limbaugh. He doesn't want to let the Rove story go just yet.

Good thing, too. Because it's not over.

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David Limbaugh: Conservative columnist, so conservative that only will run his drivel, is saying some funny things that sound more like something his brother might say, were his brother hopped up on crack and viagra:

From his article:

 Rove, who didn't even mention Plame's name, couldn't have known she was an undercover CIA agent -- because she wasn't. He manifestly wasn't motivated to expose her for the purpose of punishing Wilson -- because "exposing" her non-covert status couldn't possibly have damaged her.

Well, according to the State Department of the United States of America, she WAS an undercover agent. Lemme see... where did I put that... oh, here's one.

That article goes into a little bit of detail about a State Department memo that clearly said Plame's identity was a SECRET. Leaking it is, well, it's a crime. Asshole.

But, ever the retard, Limbaugh goes on a little farther, blaming liberals for bullying poor, harrassed Rove:

The fact that Democrats and the media are so desperate to bring down Karl Rove, the perceived primary mastermind behind their glorious loss of influence and power, respectively, apparently blinds them to their effective collusion with Wilson in his reckless conduct against this nation. And their non-stop bluster is apparently keeping the rest of us from focusing on it as well.

 They are so determined to prove that President Bush lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq they're obviously willing to use discredited sources and data to make their case.

Whoa, there, Davey. I'm pretty sure the State Department is not a "discredited source". Can't they put you in Guantanamo now, for saying that? A Limbaugh at "club guantanamo". I'd like that.

Well, this column is obviously slanted the opposite way from little pudge fingers rambling fiction, but at least I peppered my obscenity with fact, something the worthless slug-brothers seem incapable of doing.

Reading is hard, I know. The fact that someone of Dave's intellect can even write a column is almost superhuman.

In conclusion, fuck David Limbaugh.