A Newspeak Update from the Ministry of Truth

Tuesday, January 24, 2006 at 03:14 PM

In your future blogging about what used to be referred to as "unwarranted domestic spying", please change all future references to the policy as "terrorist surveillance program."

After all, WHO could POSSIBLY be opposed to a "terrorist surveillance program," as this story so deftly points out...

In a separate speech later in the day, President Bush also repeated his argument that Congress effectively endorsed the program of eavesdropping without warrants under its authorization of military action against al Qaeda, dubbing the effort "a terrorist surveillance program."

The administration will soon issue new guidance on how to refer to other controversies generated by administration policy.

Torture will be known as "terrorist compliance motivational techniques."

Relocating terrorists to countries with no qualms about torture will be referred to as "sending terrorists to truth camp at government expense."

Soliciting illegal bribes from Republican lobbyists will be known henceforth as "harvesting freedom dollars."

Filthy water sold by Halliburton to our troops will be known as "fresh, natural spring water."

Further assaults on the Constitution will be referred to as "Placing Freedom in Protective Custody."

Finally, under the new Supreme Court, the right to privacy will be known as "quaint history."

Your updated Newspeak manual will arrive shortly. Further updates will be announced on your Viewscreen.

Thank you.