Spying OK? Then Start with Skull & Bones!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006 at 06:23 PM

You Approve of Domestic Spying?
Then Start With Skull & Bones!

Let's get it straight, you actually believe that the government has the right to spy at will.  You really think there's nothing wrong with listening in on domestic phone conversations or intercepting personal e-mail or cell calls. You really have no qualms about bypassing the courts and warrants to spy on Americans who might have expressed opposition to the invasion of a militarily castrated nation? You bought into the idea that secret government spying will keep Americans safe. And you have no problem with spying on grass roots peace organizations whose members walk around with signs demanding a safer and friendlier world?

All right then, if spying is the way to go, why not snoop in the right places?

Do secret societies and organizations with great power and hidden agendas make you at all nervous?  How do you feel about covert private groups that wield enormous power, if not direct control, over your own political system and on governments around the world?  If you don't believe they really exist, how about using your super spy technology to see if you're right, or if - just if - you're absolutely and frighteningly wrong.

Heck, if you're going to spy, why not go after the bad guys.

Here's an idea: a new Cabinet Department: the DDGI - the Department of Domestic Good Intentions. Let's set up a branch of government to investigate - spy on, if you will - the secret organizations whose agendas are never allowed to be exposed, and whose meetings are held behind closed doors with no media coverage whatsoever.   The DDGI could be charged with discovering whether these groups secretly formulate policies or illegally usurp powers constitutionally reserved for elected representatives of the people.

If you don't think that's happening, why not be certain? These folks are far more of a threat than the people being spied on right now. Go for it.

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