Now, For The Letters Policy, Thank You

Saturday, January 28, 2006 at 12:20 PM

Just a quick note to explain the email policy here at WTW. Please take time to read this, m'kay?


Please refrain from sending comments about stories, diaries, the weather, whatever to the mailbox. Registration is easy, free, and simple as dirt. Use this method to post comments concerning stories, m'kay?

Yes, your info will not be made public, rest assured. Use whatever screen name hasn't been used already, that's a plus. All said and done, again, comments belong posted alongside the stories, not in the mailbox.

In this kind of blogging, oh, yeahbaby, there will be those who wish to send, shall we say...nastygrams?

Rest assured, then, we will be pleased to post such, along with sharp and oft acidic commentary. Neat stuff like "You suck!", and other such praise will be, well, when I get around to it, held up for everyone else to read.

And no, we are civil enough not to post your email addy. See? We are really nice folks!

Fan mail? Will be directed to those parties, but, again, see Rule Uno. Please, we are working to make this a community blog, so, again, register and get those fingers busy!

Other rules will be posted as the need arises for them.

Now, that said, let's use our heads, okay? Although we're acidic at times, prone to launch ourselves, you know by now what we do, m'kay? Just use some common sense, stick to the point, and let us not meander too far into the wild blue, please?

No, no awards or prizes will be given to creative emails. The budget doesn't permit that.

Okay, nuff said, back to work!

-Number Six