Hell About To Freeze? Not Just Yet, But....

Tuesday, January 31, 2006 at 11:50 PM

I never ever, not ever never thought I'd ever be in agreement with the freepers, but they do have one valid point....

I know what you're thinking here: "Six! Are we mad at long last? Gone off the deep end? You got a fever....?"

Nope. Just a lot of anger. Trust me, I'm trying like living hell to stay somewhat controlled, and for a redneck liberal like me, that's like using an eyedropper to calm a runaway reactor.

But, yeah, no kidding, this time, I have to agree with the freepers: The Democratic Party needs to have their collective backsides kicked and painfully hard.

Insomnia kicking in again, I was up late watching Charlie Rose. Yeah, I know, Rush Limbaugh Lite. More of PBS's slow devolution into state-run Fox, eh?

Commentary out the wazoo, of course, about Il Douchebag's SOTU speech, the lowlights, the lies, the bullshit, of course. Our Fuerher, again, demonstrates he has all the mental faculties of a lawn mower, which I shouldn't say, lawn mowers do something.

Yet, it was something one panelist had to say: "The Democrats have 15 different positions on everything."

Gee, 15? Between Murtha's "get us out now" position to Joe "Republican-in-drag" Lieberman's "stay the course" stuff, well, I think "15" is being polite. Then again, we must not forget Mdm Hillary's pro-war stance, much to the chagrin of activist Cindy Sheehan. If Clinton's up for the next dem bid, trust me, I'll vote for my dog instead.

Add to that the commentary from Crisis Papers, and you have a political party, that, well, you'd think would seize upon so many lovely opportunities to act like a real opposition party, but just can't seem to pull it off. And why the hell not?

Well, for one, we keep forgetting they're politicians, not statespersons. There is a difference. Harry Truman was a statesman. So was Jefferson. No, the latest crowd, regardless of party are politicians, which means, of course, born minus a spinal column. Whatever looks good to the polls, whatever sells to the voters back home, despite the fact that some of us voters are fucking tired of "business as usual".

Statesmen or stateswomen are that rare breed who follow something intangible, such as dreams, goals and stuff like that. We cherish that kind. Politicians? Most would be better off attempting to tell me a Humvee gets 2,476,912 miles per gallon.

And it is true, too, as the freepers have pointed out: No common theme, no common focus. Like watching a Three Stooges short, but minus the warp-speed eye-poking and Moe's "GET BACK TO WORK!". Otherwise, no appreciable difference. Where the Republinazi's have done so well in being focused on fascism, the Dems...um...well...lessee...what are they focused on?

See, I look at it this way: Opposition party means exactly that. So, why no commitment to gay/lesbian marriage? Why no desire to tell the corporations to go have sex with a wall outlet? Why no plans for an immediate departure from Iraq? Why no tax relief for everyone other than the rich? Why no real health care? Why no ability to tell the Religious Right to go fuck themselves? And what about a real commitment to alternative energy? The environment?

Some suggest many reasons. I have but one: If we looked a little too closely, we might just discover that Democrats are little more than Republinazi "wannabes", right down to each owning a corporate handler, right down to the same "donations" by special interest groups, and too stupid to figure out a common theme.

Oh no, I'm not remotely implying they got paid off with Delay or Abramoff's money, but I find it a tough chunk to swallow, that Democrats are "clean", especially when so many of them voted for the new and disgusting bankruptcy law, you remember that one, right? The law that guarantees you indentured servitude, right out of Dickens? Yeah, that one. I seem to recall a few dems landed on that one like a 747 pounds asphault in Atlanta.

So, in their own Stooges fashion, they're as corrupt as Repukes, but as focused as a laser with a dead battery, as coherent as diarrhea, and to a diehard radical like me, well, they think my vote's in the bag? Right?

Not anymore. I am most sorry, dems, but the desire for a real opposition party is paramount, and your inability to deliver, well, let's put it this way: If the Democratic Party was an electronic component? It's way past time to desolder, toss and replace with something that works.

Hence, if it comes to Rudy or Hillary, I think I may stay the hell home that night. Sort of like asking yourself, "Beer or Scotch?"...

And I want a Diet Pepsi. So do a lot of folks.