Screen Door On The Submarine Time....

Sunday, February 05, 2006 at 12:38 PM

Always got to hand it our friends over at Raw Story. Seems certain worried politicos are thinking, "Golly, maybe we need an amendment to the Constitution, making sure that it's pretty darned clear as to......"

It's all about Shlub and his practising to become Hitler II, of course, his decision to spy on we Murricans (as he butchers the English language further), and of course, the ongoing debate as to whether he can do it or not.

So, a story's in the works so far (Raw is still working on it as I type this...), that certain congresspersons are actually "considering" a brand new amendment that would specifically limit a prez' "war time" powers.

Honestly, or maybe it's just me? Doesn't the Constitution already prohibit Frat Boy from doing such things? I seem to recall that a metric shitload of "constitutional" scholars, teachers, attorneys and token collectors have already said, "No, what he's doing is in clear violation of the provisions already established."

Point? There is no gray area here, we don't need another amendment, we just need someone to summon up some cajones, and proceed to taxi our national jet out by way of taxiway India-Mike-Papa-Echo-Alpha-Charlie-Hotel, got it?

Did Bush break the law? Yes. Should he be tossed out of office for this? I think so, so do many others, and I ain't no constitutional authority.

Yes, I do agree, some functions and other stuff would be better left to Congress to deal with, but as I read our writ, ain't it that way to begin with?

So, why add the screen door? Someone just go wake up Congress instead.