It's Time to Stop Tolerating "Tolerance"

Tuesday, February 07, 2006 at 06:50 AM

It would be much easier to tolerate the concept of "multiculturalism" if we didn't have to deal with people whose values are, well... "different" from ours.

Thankfully, it seems that many American opinion-shapers are coming to the same conclusion

In his February 7th column in Newsday, James P. Pinkerton says that multiculturalism within a nation can be disastrous.  And he's right.  When we're not all marching in step, chaos is the result.  And that's a bad thing.

Want some examples?  Here's one from Mister Pinkerton's column.

"Even Turkey, commonly regarded as the most democratic and pro-American Muslim country, is changing its stance. The hot movie for Turks is titled "Valley of Wolves: Iraq." It depicts American GIs as blood-crazed war criminals. And, as UPI reported, the actor Gary Busey plays a "Jewish-American doctor at Abu Ghraib prison who disembowels innocent Iraqis so their organs can be sold to rich people in New York, London and Tel Aviv." These Turks are our friends?"

Thank you, Mister Pinkerton.  And I think the answer is a resounding "no."  Turkey is NOT our friend.  Any nation that would put Gary Busey up on a movie screen where he can frighten children, women, and weaker-than-average men can NOT be our friend in this perilous, post 9/11 world.  You don't have to be a military strategist to know who we'll have to bomb next!  After Iran and Venezuela, I mean.  And maybe Syria.  And we'll have to see how things go with North Korea, I suppose.  But then, Turkey, watch out!

Mister Pinkerton sums up his Newsday column this way.

"Short of worldwide war, followed by occupation, there's not much the West can do about Muslim culture in Muslim lands. That's international multiculturalism, alas. But on the issue of intra-national multiculturalism, there's plenty we can do. We can monitor, we can insist upon political and cultural assimilation and we can impose strict controls on immigration and travel visas - down to zero if need be. We might not be able to change them, but we can keep them from changing us."

Mister Pinkerton, that sounds like "coward" talk to me.  Not only must we keep them from changing us, we must do everything within our power - to change them, even if it takes worldwide war, followed by occupation, which - hopefully - it will.  And there's no better place to start that than right here in the good old U.S of A.

I'm talking about declaring war on multiculturalism right here in America!  For instance, right now we're in the middle of "Black History Month."  Instead of saluting the accomplishments of an ethnic minority that had to be dragged to America by force - in chains, I might add - we should declare February "American History Month."  We should declare EVERY month "American History Month."  We must hunt down every trace of multiculturalism in this country and grind it out under the heel of our righteous American boots.  Once we've truly homogenized our own American culture, we can begin the arduous task of pasteurizing the impurities out of other Western nations until they're all walking America's walk and talking America's talk.

Only when we can concentrate on that which makes us the same - and by that, I mean a slavish, unquestioning devotion to "The Dear Leader" - can we then move forward in pursuit of our ultimate goal... that glorious "Pax Americana" under which all oppressed nations who currently believe THEY know better what's good for them than WE do can enjoy the peace and tranquility we inflict on them at the cost of thousands of American lives and trillions of American dollars that might have otherwise been foolishly wasted on health care, education and infrastructure.

Once the ill-begotten concept of Multiculturalism is relegated to the state-approved history books - along with the other discredited, quaint notions of the past like the right to privacy and the two-party system of government -- the rest of the world will truly understand that there is only ONE side to the coin.  Our side.  

No matter which way you flip it, it will always come up - "America."