Plame Working On Iran Intel: More Smoke And Mirrors?

Monday, February 13, 2006 at 04:48 PM

I don't like this one bit. Raw Story has a killer piece on yet another angle over the outing of Valerie Plame.

Seems Mrs Wilson was working on Iran intel. I ask myself, is it just me or is there something wrong with this picture?

So far, it's hard to tell if this revelation is as significant as one might tend to think, but considering the track record of the Chimp Regime, it's not all too far-fetched: Did they kill two birds with one 30.06?

Here's a busload of bozos who practically made up all the intel they used to sell both Congress and the public on their faux war with Iraq, true? Now, the noises towards a possible invasion, or some other form of tomfoolery dance in the air before us, and I'm asking myself...coincedence or...fool me twice, shame on me?

I'm not stupid, I can already hear the many apologists of AM bemoaning such as attack, waving their little flags, playing their painful versions of whatever tune they adore to stir the heart, on and on, and over what? "IRAN'S GONNA MAKE NEW-QUE-LERR WEAPONS AND USE THEM ON US!!!"

Funny thing about nuclear physics: Owning an enrichment program doesn't always point towards nukes in the "city go boom" category. Could be the Iranians are being honest, and they're just pushing for nuclear-driven electricity.

Or are they? If Larisa's story is correct, the damage is worse than a wing falling off: Minus accurate intel, it's then....yep....back to the PNAC version, and we know their version, do we not?

In other words, the timing stinks, and the implications are right there: Wilson dropped dime on their cheap Iraq intel, outing his missus was payback, and hey, check it out, she's heading up Iran intel! "We can now make up whatever we want!"

And they will. And they have. And this is so insane.

Yes, I'm heading for a scotch. Anyone else?