Happy Saturday

Saturday, July 23, 2005 at 06:52 PM

Had a big day of blogging today. Came across a story of child sex abuse at Abu Ghraib that made me physically ill, did some research, and it got picked up by Raw Story news, which elevated our hit counts quite a bit. That's always nice.

Then, it was on to the satire.

I posted "Things you never knew about George W. Bush", which was way more fun to write than I should really be allowed to have.

Now, I'm sitting here writing a diary on Saturday night because my wife isn't home yet from a birthday party. A sad, sad life, this existence of mine. Later I'll write some nice PHP code and format a bunch of HTML. Yippee!

I found out while reading Kos that Chris Bowers of MyDD is running for office in Pennsylvania, which psyches me to no end. He is one of the best (if not the best) bloggers on the net, and he's doing what so many of us should be doing, and taking back our party the right way, by getting involved.

I'm moving out west Friday, 2783 miles away from the home of my youth, to an environment so different it is as if it were another planet. But hey, we're trying something new. If we liked where we lived, if we liked the Northeastern climate, then we'd stay. But anything below zero is simply too fucking cold.

Anybody feels like sending me money to help defray the costs of the move, I would be eternally in your debt, and name my next kid after you (never you mind that I had a vasectomy 8 months ago).

Hmm, all the Chinese food is gone. Damn it all to hell, I think I'll go play Diablo and really round out the geekiness of my day.