Surprise! Chapter 13 Filers Are Dead Broke, Not Deadbeat!

Sunday, February 26, 2006 at 04:27 PM

I swear. We need a new category here at WTW, something we need to call "Gee, didn't I tell you this was a load of....?"

Nice story in The Boston Globe.

Apparently, according to the very attorneys who handle bankruptcy cases, it would seem the robber baron BS, as always, is a goddamned lie.

"Now, in the first analysis of the tens of thousands of people who have undergone credit counseling since the law passed, the bankruptcy attorneys association found that nearly all (97 percent) of the debtors truly couldn't pay their debts."

See, fascists? See, Wall Street? See, Dubya? Gee, where are these "deadbeats" you spoke of? Come on, show me, dammit! I want to see one!

"In total, the firms that were surveyed counseled 61,355 consumers.

Four out of five filers felt forced to seek bankruptcy protection because of a job loss, catastrophic medical expenses, or the death of a spouse, according to the report, ''Bankruptcy Reform's Impact: Where Are All the Deadbeats?'"

One more time: Job loss. Catastrophic medical expenses. Death of a spouse.

Not: Gamblers or "credit deadbeats".

But: Ordinary folk, who, back when we had real jobs, had income sufficient to pay their debts. Now, what do we have? Answer: A bunch of robber barons, all out to destroy the middle class, finish off the poor, and well, the next step, yes, will be someone else filing Chapter 11: The entire US government.

As I said before, what excuse will they use when we all meet up for counseling? I really wonder...