Cunningham Makes Bribery CONVENIENT!!!

Monday, February 27, 2006 at 11:57 AM

Say what you want about disgraced Republican Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham. He believed in giving his customers a convenient way to shop!

We've alreday seen how the pay-ER in this sordid tale has taken a guilty plea.

Yet, just when you think the story's already as sleazy as it can get, comes the revelation from ABC News that the Duke of Dishonesty actually had a RATE CARD for those who would endeavor to ply him with cash for congressional favors!

This link will take you to a PDF file that shows "The Dukester's" nefarious little "rate card" for bribery -- scrawled on a card beneath the Seal of the House of Representatives. Appropriate, since that WAS what he was selling!!!

A nice little business it was. And such convenience!!! A defense contractor knew just exactly what it would cost to get that $20 million contract! No haggling, no negotiating, no saying, "Well, I'll have to take this to the sales manager and get HIM to sign off on it." Good old fashioned up-front pricing! No beating around the bush!

The only thing missing? A convenient drive-up window at the Congressional Office Complex where contractors could drop off bags of money in return for little cards that say "IOU -- One Vote!"

Cunningham will be sentenced on Friday. His lawyers are asking the judge to sentence him to something less than 10 years.

Let's all keep our fingers crossed, OK?