Pay-per-Channel: So long bad package deals!

Thursday, March 02, 2006 at 04:53 PM

Seems the FCC wants to change the cable rules again, and this time, well, it may work out pretty well for the customers...

But, the so-called "independent" networks and channels aren't happy, of course. The New York Times hands us the story.

Gee, why are these "channels" not happy? Such as the religious networks? The home shopping stuff? The annoying garbage channels we all stumble across punching the UP or DOWN buttons?

Well, it then makes sense: If you order up just the channels you want, well, think about it: No more Jan Couch and her horrid make-up, no rednecks hawking Klingon huntin' knifes, just stuff you want to see and nothing else.

And no more 27,447,912,641,902,757 channels of commercial crud on the weekend mornings when I'm traveling and sipping my coffee and I want to watch something intelligent, ie, I'd like to watch something, well, that's not demanding I haul out my exhausted VISA.

I'm surprised Fox isn't up in arms, it means you can order your package minus them, and anyone else who offers propaganda-redone-into-what-some-call-news-and-I-call-cow-poop.

And yes, done without ever stumbling across Jan Couch ever again. Or sales for coins. Or hunting knives. Or cheap jewelry endorsed by some failed soap icon. Or some cleaning gadget I don't need because I use "elbow grease".

You never know, this just might work.