If It Quacks Like A Duck: It Is Then Not An Electron

Sunday, March 05, 2006 at 06:08 AM

Seems some high-school kid decided his world geography teacher went overboard....

This sickens me no end, but neo-fascists have that effect on me, of course. The news account can be found right here.

Seems a kid taped his teacher making comparisons between Il Fratboy and Hitler. The teacher, then, invited the students to make up their own minds, of course. Yet, student goes home, cries to daddy, and well, the poop sails into the rotors, of course.

The story affects me for similar reasons: Back when I had a lot more hair, one of my teachers insisted we students peruse interesting stuff, such as Mein Kampf, the writings of Marx, even Chairman Mao's stuff. Of course, many parents became, um, well, seething? Was he attempting to turn us all into leftist-marxist-whatevers?

Nope. The idea all along was to teach us to better appreciate the acts and efforst of those lunatic kids who tossed tea, shot at redcoats and then framed a neat document that allows me and you to say what we want, live like we want, and hopefully, grow very old, watching the grandbabies fuck up the front yard.

"You can't appreciate anything without seeing it from another perspective", he concluded near year's end. And we did. It also made us hate Nixon more than ever. It made us hate losing older friends and cousins in rice paddies, too.

Like my teacher, this kid's teacher, too, is attempting to teach a valuable lesson: Pay ye heed to the lessons history teaches, else, you're gonna suffer, sucka. Comparing Resident Fratboy to Hitler? As such a warm and bumbling boob he really is, I'm more into thinking he's really aping Moe Howard's dictator in the short, You Nazty Spy!, where The Stooges ran a fictional country called.....Moronica.

Thus, the idea then is to do away with the flag-waving nonsense, the tirades of Herr Hannity and Rush Goering, to show the kids: It happened once, it can happen again.

And history says, when we don't pay attention, the sins of the past return, dressed in new clothing, oh yes, but, it's still the same licks, the same progression, the wise know...nothing's that different, now is it?

The kicker is how many students support this teacher. That's a testament to so much, not only do they love and appreciate his work, but they stand like real American citizens should: It is our right to bitch, moan, complain. That's how this whole ballgame got started, and those fools who can't comprehend that should shut the fuck up.

Or? I hope this kid enlists at the earliest, let him go to Iraq and see firsthand what madness looks, smells like. Will he? I have my doubts, all neo-con/fascists are cowards to the core, they'd as much sit home and smirk then go and do their own damned dirty work.

But those other students? Lovely. Reminds me of the old days. That's what we need, a show of support. And much more like it.

And that silly boy? He'd best read that poem about "And when they came for me...." a few times, let it sink in.

Or hand him to me. I'll take him on a cute tour of this nation, let him walk through New Orleans, where families are gone, due to our government's ineptitude, or better, show him all the closed mills that dot the Carolina countryside, and tell him: "This is the beginning, kid, you ain't seen but the opening act. The real band's just now restringing."

Better, but not possible, I would introduce him to a sweet old man I knew in my youth, who has long since passed beyond. A retired airline jock, and yes, as a kid, flew for the Luftwaffe. He came to America, and why?

He told me of the day the Allied forces rolled into their airbase, and instead of demons from hell, as they were told, well, he saw a bunch of scuffy kids. Did they need anything? Food? Smokes? Medical attention? He was stunned silly by them. Many wanted to take pictures to send home to their own, of them standing next to real Luftwaffe pilots and their birds.

That impressed him, the warmth of a former enemy.

But, then, he'd learned from others of the horrid truth. He cried. It hurt. Dissidents, Jews, others....and how the Allies found these camps and were as sickened, shocked.

So, he went to the US, learned great English, and went to work for an airline. America, he told me, was the opposite of everything he'd been taught, here, he told me, "You can bitch your ass off and nobody locks you away."

That's my fear for this kid. One day, it might well happen, and yes, dear heart, right here, in the land "that began as Heaven". He'd best wise up, open his mind up and learn and learn hard:

Even Satan can quote scripture.