Joke, No, Game Show, Absolutely!

Sunday, March 12, 2006 at 07:11 AM

Tom Gilroy makes a pretty sick point over at huffpo, that some jokes aren't funny, or are they?

Cute piece, but he does have a point: If anyone stood back far enough, wouldn't it start to dawn on you that the entire Bush saga is about as pointless as the infamous "Aristocrats" joke?

I think differently, of course. Joke, hardly. No.

Game show. I am convinced of that.

Entitled Let's F**k America Up, we get a new episode every week, with contestants made up of beltway hacks, losers, corporate pigs and pretend Nazis. Like Jackass, but a bigger budget and more dangerous stunts.

Of course, the prizes vary from jail sentences, public humiliation and hatred from certain quarters, not to mention the critics who, from foreign news sources, shake their heads in disgust, but that's the idea of this game: Whoever can make the biggest mess per week, all of it to finish off what's left of America.

Tom Delay, for example, has proven he's a great player, but he's an amateur compared to Abramoff, who is just now entering into the final round. Still, a long way to go to take down the reigning champ, El Dubyass, the prince of incompetence. The Democrats, so far, don't seem to want to play, but then, they also don't want to sit on the judging panel either.

So, we get a weekly competition, right off the tube, out of the papers, and oft, here on the web. Gee, what sort of dumb stunt can top the last one? We watch, and yep, we are not stunned nor shocked: They actually manage a new stunt that's more stupid than the last one.

And if it really is a game show? What does it take to yank the plug and cancel it for good? Or are we so bloated and stoned that we just don't realize it's a non-stop yuk presented each and every week, replete with loads of commercials?

No, my remote doesn't work, dammit.