Whiny Brat? Won't Be No Democrat!

Monday, March 20, 2006 at 04:30 PM

Well, at least, that's what one researcher says! Dr. Jack Block studied a few kids as they grew up....

And guess the heck what, sports fans? Remember those whining, crying, "everyone's out to get me!" paranoid little brats? Unlike the calm, poised, extroverted and well, more wonderful kind of kids?

According to a study done by Block, seems these whiny types grow to be conservatives. Notice I did not say "grow up". That would imply a maturity and sensibility conservatives don't seem to own.

Of course, Block's work is under attack as shoddy science...and by...oh, God, do we really need any clues here....conservatives, natch.

Well, I guess it does explain why Sean Hannity still whines like a Pratt & Whitney at takeoff power, eh? Parents! Be warned! That whining may make your kid into a real leper! Want your kid to become a fascist? End it now, before we have another Chimp running loose!!