Robertson & Falwell: fear your professors...and, by the way, "we're number one"

Wednesday, March 22, 2006 at 05:13 PM

The lunacy of the leading religious right demagogues is almost beyond belief.  Take the latest from Frothing Pat Robertson and Foaming Jerry Falwell...

People for the American Way (PFAW) does a pretty good job of tracking these pseudo-religious zealots and pulpit pounders.  Some of the latest from PFAW's web site:

One item details Pat Robertson's March 21 on-air theatrics in an attempt to foment a little hate for university professors.  While touting David Horowitz's own fringe screed, The Professors: The 101 most dangerous academics in America, Robertson (apparently unfamiliar with the "thou shalt not lie" part of Christianity) said of "radical" liberal professors:

They are racists, murderers, sexual deviants and supporters of Al-Qaeda - and they could be teaching your kids!....These guys are out and out communists, they are radicals, they are, you know, some of them killers, and they are propagandists of the first don't want your child to be brainwashed by these radicals, you just don't want it to happen. Not only brainwashed but beat up, they beat these people up, cower them into submission.

A second item details the latest oratory joys from Jerry "Feelbad" Falwell, who used his March 5 sermon to tell listeners that he wanted them to: the most intolerant people in the world..even if to teach that one system of truth is superior to another is politically incorrect and it's intolerant

Why?  Because he wants all people to acknowledge the superiority of Christianity.  But I'm sure he doesn't mean that in a bad way.  It isn't like he'd advocate assassination or kidnapping or stuff like that.  Not that he'd have any trouble figuring out how to do those things, having been in business with African butchers who specialize in it.