The personification of wingnut

Thursday, March 23, 2006 at 04:55 PM

I know you don't have to look too hard on the web to find some wingnut who sees the world as though he'd just had his cranium dented by a 2,000 pound ball of propaganda.  But how's this for a reason to oppose NSA's warrantless surveillance:  

because "if  Hillary Rodham Clinton bribes enough people and promises enough favors to retake the White House in 2008," then Bill (Slick Willie to this wingnut) might sneak
..into the domestic surveillance room after Hillary has retired for the night. Slick looks up the phone numbers for a couple of still-simmering flames in Arkansas and eavesdrops until he finds a  beauty who will be alone on a particular night.  Great imagination is not necessary  to figure out Slick's next move.

As humor, that's pretty serious.  As serious, that's pretty funny. No ma'am, I don't worry about the power of a powerful government to intercept all communications between everybody.  But just THINK what this could mean to Clinton!!!

Is there a "one size fits all" version of a straitjacket that we can order in bulk for this covey of Clinton obsessives?