Darn That MSM!!!

Sunday, March 26, 2006 at 06:06 AM

Larisa of Raw Story has a complaint: The Associated Press ripped off Raw Story...

Read her piece; it's a tad crazy, eh? Seems AP doesn't "credit" blogs as being "legit" news sources, eh?

Of course, but then, we're their enemy, or as I should really say: We are to their Vaudeville what motion pictures once were...a technological innovation that is slowing burying them, ignoring them and making them as obsolete as any change in technology does.

The AP is among those of the MSM who, really, really wish we bloggers would die, and go away. So did many Vaudeville performers once feel that way of the theatres who were sending them packing, replacing the footlights with silver screens and sound systems. The smart performers saw the light, and leapt at Hollywood, of course.

You'd think the smart members of the MSM had the same brainpower. Obviously not. And why not?

Well, for one, we're a tad faster. Stories break in the blogosphere at speeds rivalling teleporters. Second, we are not under Corporati dominance, we print what we want to print, say what we feel must be said, even if that annoys the living hell out of Viacom, Disney, GE.

The opinion polls tell us this. Too many times, when it comes to low "confidence" data, not just Bush, not just Congress, but the MSM itself is also not trusted to accurately tell the whole story.

We, of the many blogs, have long known this to be established fact, not supposition or tin-foil-hat meanderings: The MSM does not print, air or televise anything close to the truthfullness of blog stories. None whatsoever.

Worse, many of the MSM outlets are pure shills for the Douchebag Regime. And why not? Far easier to take some handouts, some propaganda and run back to the office and insert your byline on it, eh? Far less troubling that real research, real interviews, and the distinct possibility your piece might run afowl of the money machine.

I doubt Larisa and crew will ever get credit from the AP, which, in my own opinion, can't get enough shilling done these days, and one reason why I highly suspect anything released by AP: Their stories slant so far to the right as to be nauseating.

They're not alone, by any means, the worst offender being Faux Noise, and their Weekly World News-style of reporting "important issues". Yeahright, like watching a game show instead. Oh, come on, there's no such thing as teachers seducing 14-year old students as being an "epidemic" for God's sake!!

No, they've gotten used to being the sole source of news, and now, they have real and lethal competition: Us. We, the bloggers, who take no prisoners, ask questions that should be asked, and could care less what Wall Street thinks in the end.

In other words, we're doing the real journalism, the real stories, and not being African Grays for a failed attempt at Goeringism. MSM? Pack your bags, baby, and like Vaudeville, enter ye into history: You are obsolete.