All the Bush World's a Stage

Sunday, March 26, 2006 at 05:04 PM

I just came across this bit of info on the Cooperative Research web site, in the form of a reprint of a Sarasota Herald-Tribune; article from September 10, 2002:  In the now-famous film of the President reading his children's book in a Florida elementary school when interrupted with news of the terrorist attacks on 9-11, the typical grade school decorations on the wall behind the president were designed by--get ready--"A White House stage artist, not teachers or students..."

God, they do so much better at playacting than they do at governing!  If we chipped in and bought them a nice little theater where they could play Government Executives to their heart's content (or until they actually grew up), do you think they'd just get the hell out of here and let us go back to trying to live?