No, It Is Not The Same

Friday, March 31, 2006 at 04:28 PM

I find it so absolutely amazing, at the number of Rethugs who want to drown in Shlub's wake...

Meanwhile, back on the hill, Russ Feingold is still pushing like hell his censure, which so far, involves the hill Rethugs smirking, lying, pooing and whatever else they can to stop it.

I feel somewhat like that one Dixie Chick: I am goddamned embarrassed that Lindsay Graham is from South Carolina. What a maroon, as Bugs oft said, eh?

"Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said punishing the president, rather than making sure the FISA law has provisions to check Bush's power, is counterproductive.

"Censure is destructive," Graham said. "Censure breaks us apart at a time when we need to be brought together.""

Yawn. Yep, spoken like a cheap Charleston lawyer, eh?

I just don't get it. Is holding on to The Town Drunk that critical?

Years ago, back when Dick was in hot water, and John Dean, yep, was testifying, it reached a point: A gaggle of Rethugs went to Nixon, and flat told him: "Resign, else, you run the risk of taking down the entire party."

Yet, here we are: An incompetent moron, a failure ranking him for future historians to debate over "worst president in history" (and probably gonna go down as El Numero Uno...), his poll numbers read like the idle indicator on a jet engine, I mean, come the hell on!

Worse than Nixon? By far. By light-years.

Worse? The polls for the next series of elections aren't looking that good for the many Rethugs already in power, the mood of America has shifted and hard, and they stand a terrific risk of totally...fucking....falling out of power.

And, whether anyone likes it or not, El Chimpo is the poster boy for big money, a failed campaign in Iraq, the list is somewhat endless, unless we wish to add to it: Lee's 18,000,000 who saw their jobs go bye-bye.

Voters are going to think "Bush" and vote Democrat. Anyone "riding that train, high on cocaine" going to hit the runway, bags packed, with nowhere to go. The term "Republican" is already fast becoming a very nasty word, synonymous with, well, lessee: Corrupt, greedy, spoiled, idiotic, stooge, henchman/henchwoman, pro-money and anti-working man/woman.

If I were a Rethug? I'd back away from Chimp at speeds rivalling the SR-71. Bush's failures are going to trigger a huge shock wave, and anyone too close when the SS Tyranic sinks...will drown with it.