Insane in the Hussein

Wednesday, July 27, 2005 at 09:52 PM

Have you ever thought of something really clever, only to google it and find out you've been scooped? The title of this post, which has little to do with the rest of this snarkiness, is one of those instances. Check it. Those damn fantasy footballers.

It's pretty much common knowledge that Saddam Hussein was Osama's personal secretary and Vice President of Acquisitions at al-Qaeda, Inc. And in that capacity he dismantled his own WMD programs on top of writing checks to the families of Palestinian suicide bombers. Not exactly a prolific terrorist, but he tried.

Oh, did you hear about the Brazilian man who got his head completely blown off by a British death squad? Turns out that he wasn't wearing a heavy coat; he didn't even jump the turnstile. But I think we should trust the well-trained officers and assume that Jean Charles de Menezes was acting suspiciously. I'm feeling better already.

I just hope the British government doesn't get to feeling "philanthropic" and pay the grieving family some kind of settlement. It may just encourage more brown skinned men to act suspiciously on 15 minute bus rides. Seriously, the guy should have known better.

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