The Point-n-click President

Thursday, April 06, 2006 at 03:49 PM

Well, in between Katie Couric heading for Cronkite's roost, and the usual stuff today, no doubt, we all heard the news: Bush hisself is the prime leaker!...

Yes. According to the many news sources (I'm not going to link, my hand's already worn out!), seems that Scooter tells the grand jury that the authority to leak stuff comes right from Il Douchebag. Gee, what did we expect?

And I'm already waiting for the spin, something along the lines of "Well, as president, he can do that, it's just a way to declassify something." Yeahbaby, the diehard Bushniks are, as we speak, sharpening the dials to 50G's worth of spin.

Gee, and I thought stuff like this was illegal? Or didn't a certain Town Drunk once say he'd fire whoever was responsible? Does that imply his fucking resignation is in the works at long last????

No, it's about like the entire NIxon mess, except this time, the Rethugs own both houses unlike they did years ago, and too, the MSM wasn't the piss-boy of the Corporati, either. Hence, Bush can basically point-n-click his way along, select this, select that, do as he damned well pleases. Even if such is unconstitutional, and in this latest, a federal offense.

Oh, I'm not amazed by today's revelation in the least: The Nixon years made me damned tough to the depths of corruption and the flagrant abuses of power, so, really, after Tricky Dicky, old Dubyass is no shocker, kids.

So Bush was the source. Ain't that just swell.

Excuse me, time to go vomit.