Ann Coulter registered to vote in wrong Florida precinct

Tuesday, April 11, 2006 at 06:10 PM

I hate to write anything about Ann of Green Goebbels, since that just extends her unwarranted period of fame, but this is ironic enough to pass on.

The Bradblog has the info, including voter registration, to support a claim that Coulter, a constitutional lawyer who has publicly ridiculed Florida voters for being inept, registered to vote in the wrong precinct in Florida, by registering at the address of her realtor, rather than at the address of the Florida home Coulter had purchased a few months before registering.

Now the Florida election officials are asking her for an official explanation of where she really lives, why she put the wrong address if she did, and, generally, what the hell???

Not a big deal, but...why would the venomous one register at an address where she had never, ever lived?