Kerry and Edwards Gearing Up For Another Bid?

Thursday, July 14, 2005 at 11:31 AM

From the Raw Story:

Two of the Democrats most often mentioned as contenders for the White House in 2008 are currently paying staff to work for local candidates in New Hampshire, home of the nation?s first presidential primary, the paid-restricted Roll Call reports Thursday. Excerpts follow -- Kerry and Edwards spokespersons say it doesn't necessarily indicate a presidential bid, though experts say the move is a "fairly big step."

Well, I know we all supported Kerry in 2004 out of soidarity against Bush, but I was thinking maybe we could have someone this time that we actually WANTED to be president run.

No offense to Kerry or Edwards, or even the two of them together. They're good men. But how many of us remember going through this last campaign cycle talking to people who were only going to vote for Kerry because he wasn't Bush?

If the Democratice party keeps fielding candidates that are lukewarm with the public, we're going to keep losing elections. If we can't field a candidate people will vote for becaus they like him/her, then we're sunk.

Let's really take a look at this last election, and think back. We had a bd economy, strong evidence that the president had lied to get us into war, and a public largely dissatisfied with the environment.

John Kerry should have been able to beat him. John Edwards should have been able to beat him. A drunken chimpanzee should have been able to beat him.

But they didn't beat him. I guess they weren't all that 'electable' after all, eh?

What makes anyone think they'll be more electable this time?