Watergate VS Phone Jam: History Of The End, Part Two?

Monday, April 17, 2006 at 04:18 PM

Neat little oped piece courtesy The New York Times regarding the possible similarities of Dick Nixon and Dumbya...

Well worth the read, the idea being that a "third-rate burglary" was the thing that eventually caused Dick to resign. And yes, the similarities to the NH phone-jam are all over the place.

But, I take exception here and there, of course.

Nixon was much smoother, more refined at his criminal activities, whereas El Chimpo's are out in the open bald-faced buck nekkid. Anyone with a portion of a brain can see it from a 1,000 light years at the depth of depravity, the callousness, and yes, outright perversion of the constitution, and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

My point? It took a lot of digging into the Watergate mess to catch Nixon pants down. What's amazing about Shlub is that, gee, what else can he do that's not worthy of impeachment yet? He lied about Iraq, declassified documents illegally, and then spies on everyone without the consent of the courts. Those are just the highlights, unless we want to add all the other goodies that have filled the many blogs with stories since 9-11, folks.

Back in the day, we libs knew Nixon was a crook, it took Watergate to prove it. These days, everyone knows Bush is a crook, but getting an impeachment, let alone, a stoned media to admit to it, well, it may well take an act of God!

But, then, Nixon didn't have a solid Regressive majority to control. We still had enough Dem's to seize the day, and too, we had a news media that didn't run and scurry to corporate demands.

Me, I keep hoping and praying, what is it gonna take? What one act will doom Bush and send him and his brood packing? Isn't a phony war bad enough? Spying on everyone? Apparently not, obviously.

Oh, well, we can pray on it, yep, that and wait until fall, eh?