No, Hillary, Thanks All The Same...

Saturday, April 22, 2006 at 06:18 AM

Huh. Seems the opinion polls show that a possible "president" Hillary Clinton don't look good all of a sudden...

Gee, I can't imagine why.

Even those conservatives I know who hate and despise Bush all tell me, "You guys nominate Hillary and we win by default."

"Hey, Papa told me to never take a sucker bet!", I giggle.

A sucker bet? That's where someone cons you into thinking some horse with odds around 1,500:1 is going to win. You end up looking pretty stupid tossing that much cash into the garbage.

President Hillary Clinton? Nope, ain't gonna happen. Here's why:

One - too many of the conservatives can't tolerate her. We must be fair here in that, Clinton represents a kind of Democrat that they'd not want to see running: The Hollywood Liberal crowd, which, sadly, is still a sore spot with many conservatives, not to mention many moderates. Her policies, many of which were taken under wing by her hubby, still don't sit well with many....myself included.

Oh? Me? A progressive? Yes. And here's two:

Two - Let's go back to Bill's first days as prez. What was Hillary doing? Why, she'd been appointed by Bill to fix up our idiotic health care system. Neat idea!

But, as we all watched, she and Bill let themselves get backed into a wall, and by the AMA, the drug peddlers, and yes, those ever-loving cretins at all the insurance companies. They won, we got nailed with higher prices, higher premiums and worse, not better.

And I am a sore fucking loser, folks. I don't forget an insult.

Third - her financial "acumen" looks a little took much like, oh, shall we say it now....Repub Lite? Sorry, cutting through the mustard, Sen Clinton is as bad as any Rethug about bowing to the money crew, and I wish not for that. I want someone who represents old man who still has to punch a clock, has bills to pay, and I am not Lee Raymond, thank you.

I'm still sore about NAFTA. I still think that goddamned treaty needs to be smelted, along with GATT and everything else that sends jobs overseas. Me? Elect someone who was okay with that? Not this redneck!

No, let's not go there. Someone else is far more palatable, someone who isn't a friend of big oil, a friend of Wall Street and oh, need I also add...voted "no" on Iraq. Gee, now the list is even shorter, eh?

No, a Hillary nominee means, well, gee, damn, what's the difference? McCain or pretty darned close to McCain?

I'll take progressives for a $1000, Alex.