John Dean: "George Bush Is Becoming An Increasingly Dangerous President"

Saturday, April 22, 2006 at 06:45 AM

And we should be rightfully scared. Former Nixon counsel John Dean does a killer analysis of a lunatic in charge.....

Dean refers to political scientist Dr. James Barber's past analysis of certain "kinds" of presidencies, and Bush slides into a very bad category here: Active-Negative.

Other active-neg prezies? Woodrow Wilson, Herbert "We're In The Money" Hoover, Lyndon "We can win Vietnam" Johnson and Richard "Muthafuckin" Nixon. Men with vision who could not compromise to save their selves, and let shit take them apart in the doing.

I sorta figured Bush would end up in this category, except he takes the prize for being the worst imaginable. He does remind me too much of Nixon-on-steroids, far more obvious about being a jackass, an idiot, a crook and that's the short list. Hoover? Who else allowed the Great Depression to get so bad by doing abso-fucking-lutely nada about it?

What's scary in this bit, are Dean's predictions of more stuff to come. Big scary. Stephen King scary.

"As the 2006 midterm elections approach, this active/negative president can be expected to take further risks. If anyone doubts that Bush, Cheney, Rove and their confidants are planning an 'October Surprise' to prevent the Republicans from losing control of Congress, then he or she has not been observing this presidency very closely."

Yes, Dick Nixon's "ratfucking" ghost is laughing his keister off, obviously. This tends to explain why Rove was "demoted" a shade, so he can get a handle on how to bamboozle the nation for the third time...or is the 12,456th time? I've lost count.

And what sort of surprise can we count on?

"One possibility is that Dick Cheney will resign as Vice President for "health reasons," and become a senior counselor to the president. And Bush will name a new vice president - a choice geared to increase his popularity, as well as someone electable in 2008. It would give his sinking administration a new face, and new life."

That won't happen, John. Sorry, Cheney's the real prez, we all know it. Bush just stands there and looks like he's in charge, when Halliburton really is. It don't work like that, although, Dumbya may throw a tantrum....

"But more likely, Bush may mount a unilateral attack on Iran's nuclear facilities - hoping to rev up his popularity. (It's a risky strategy: A unilateral hit on Iran may both trigger devastating Iran-sponsored terrorist attacks in Iraq, with high death tolls, and increase international dislike of Bush for his bypass of the U.N. But as an active/negative President, Bush hardly shies away from risk.) Another rabbit-out-of-the-hat possibility: the capture of Osama bin Laden."

I wouldn't count on the bin Laden bust; my gut and my heart tell me he's out of the picture in more ways than one, and the very real possibility of bin Laden being long dead seems to fit the clues so perfectly, especially when certain analyses of vocal patterns don't lend any credibility to claims that Osama is still alive and pissed.

An attack on Iran? Place your bets, I'm offering 1:1 odds on it. Pure suicide, of course, and so? Those with "visions"...such as Captain Ahab...tend to tell their critics to go right to hell, even as the whale takes them under. Like Dean, I'd be stunned if it didn't happen.

Worse, and so much worse, we all feel helpless as poor Starbuck, a lunatic in charge, obsessed with only one thing, and realizing such a thing may well kill everyone in the doing.

If this analysis is correct, then we are looking a real and genuine madman at the helm, and Jim Kirk...he ain't, and like you, I can't find an escape pod.