Wash. Post: "Truth about Abu Ghraib"

Friday, July 29, 2005 at 05:02 PM

It looks like even more U.S. authority figures are being nailed as liars.  The Washington Post today includes a story with the headline The Truth About Abu Ghraib, detailing the evidence that Major General Geoffrey D. Miller lied when he testified to Congress last year that he did not recommend the use of dogs for interrogation at Abu Ghraib, and that dogs had not been used at Guantanamo (where he was formerly the commander).

Evidence form hearings at Fort Meade are described as strongly suggesting that Gen. Miller lied about his actions, and as meriting further investigation by prosecutors and Congress. The Post also reports that there is evidence that the Guantanamo commander was not acting on his own, but was initially acting under rules approved by Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld on Dec. 2, 2002. After strong protests from military lawyers, the Rumsfeld standards -- which explicitly allowed nudity, the use of dogs and shackling -- were revised in April 2003. Yet the same practices were later adopted at Abu Ghraib, at least in part at the direct instigation of Gen. Miller.  


Combine this with the evidence that the yet-unreleased photos depict far worse than has been seen so far.......

There really doesn't seem to be any bottom to what this administration is willing to do, and probably no bottom to the falling esteem in which we are now held by the rest of the world.