Speaking of Katherine Harris....she's nice to those who were sold to devils

Saturday, April 22, 2006 at 05:46 PM

Speaking of Katherine "the Ballot Fox" Harris (see the post below), did you happen to catch the fact that her "dinner" with Mitchell Wade, the defense contractor/fraud whose money took down Duke Cunningham, cost $2,800?

Ed Rollins, her former campaign manager has cited that figure to the media, and Katherine, without blinking her eyeshadow, has explained in her formal statement admitting that her campaign somehow "forgot" to reimburse Wade for Katherine's share, that:

The night of our dinner, Mr. Wade purchased several expensive bottles of wine which he took home with him uncorked -- this is apparently the reason the bill was so high.

Contrite and humble soul that she is, Katherine has now opted to donate her share of the big dinner--she came up with $100 as her share--to a charity, Jacksonville-based Global Dominion Impact Ministries.  That same source describes the charity thus:

A Web site for a group named Global Dominion Impact Ministries based in Jacksonville states that one of the group's founders, pastor Sandra Jones, "has an inspiring testimony of her deliverance from being sold to devils as an infant. She also shares her miraculous healing from her breast cancer as well as being raised from the dead."

So the Ballot Fox has pulled a two-fer," ridding herself of the heavenly guilt of participating in a $2,800 dinner with a corrupt contractor, while doing her small part to fund the raising of the dead....or at least to fund a risen-from-the-dead Pastor Sandy.  And I've said many times, you can never be too nice to someone who was sold to devils.