On Your Knees, Vote Seeker

Sunday, April 23, 2006 at 08:25 PM

Proving that Christian penitence still involves groveling, the one and only Jerry Fall Well announced last week that he "doubts that any Democrat will make inroads with evangelical Christians in the next presidential election..."

Same for Rudy Giuliani, despite being a Republican.  John McCain, however, now there's a guy who can make inroads with evangelicals.

Why?  Simple:

...Falwell praised Senator John McCain as "pro-life" and "a strong conservative" whose "view on family is just where most conservative Christians' views are."

McCain has agreed to speak at Falwell's Liberty University commencement next month.

Hum along to the beat:

Gen-u-flect. gen-u-flect, scrape to the muu-u-usic.  God, it turns out, is a single issue voter.