More Straws, Please

Saturday, July 30, 2005 at 05:36 AM

There's an old saying: Give someone enough rope and they automatically hang themselves.

It's a done deal, according to the MSM and other sources: Bolton's going to be the next UN rep, like it or not.

"Are you crazy?", some gasp. "He's.....!!!"

More rope. Or, if you really wish, another straw.

See, I believe in karma. You do enough bad shit, eventually, someone will flush the toilet.

That's what I'm now waiting on. See, the Chimp regime thinks they can do nothing wrong, and yet, so far, their track record speaks volumes...towards corruption, racketeering, all those marvelous things the mob does, eh?

Like piling straw on a camel's back: Evenutally, we will reach critical mass, eventually, the camel will collapse. It's inevitable.

Sure, send Bolton to the UN. Just more ammo to prove we elected a fucking moron. Prove to our former friends around the world than when it comes to being candidates for Jackass, why we've got a plenty!

It's not going to last, mark my words: Eventually, something's going to come along, something....and yes, the shit will hit the fan. We must be patient, not lose our resolve to keep hammering away, but all the same....we must wait.

Nixon's downfall was his arrogance. Same with Chimpie Boy. I say: Hand them more rope. By the boxcar, too. And when the end of the regime comes? Like a E1st snapping when pushed up the neck one time too many, and a sour will be, indeed.

I can't wait.