Aw, gee! Let's have some pity for Dubya, shall we?

Tuesday, May 02, 2006 at 03:55 PM

Poor Resident Bush. Seems he was the victim of a pretty humiliating set of vicous stuff courtesy of Comedy Central's own Stephen Colbert, and it seems, why, golly, he got mad about it!...

Well, well, well.

Just in case a passing UFO just dropped you off, the whole internet and blogosphere, especially the liberal sites are having the equivalent of The Drunken Barn Dance over this hooey. And why the hell not?

Simple. See, Colbert was hired to play the part of court jester. Played it to the hilt, too. Fucking told Bush which part of his anatomy he can stick his motherfucking "compassionate conservatism", eh?

The clips and outtakes, none of which have, so far, showed up on the many Goering-speak news outlets, is totally priceless: Colbert is dead cold in a scathing attack of Shlub, needling both him and the limp-penised press corps.

Oh, and gee golly, seems "rez" and some of his buddies were not amused by Colbert's painfully sharp digs.


So, Colbert, if anything, embarrassed the press corps more than anyone. It's just totally amazing that a non-journalist stands up and actually asks the sort of questions, and offers up the sorts of criticisms you'd fucking EXPECT the fucking news media to do, correct?

That's the shameful part. Not long ago, Colbert needled PNAC founder Wm Kristol on PNAC, amazingly, asking questions you'd think would come from, um, lessee, well, um, shit, dammit. Seems nobody in the news media seems to bother, and we all ask ourselves.....why?

Judging from the comments around the blogs concering Colbert's little acidic digs at Herr Bu$h, one gets the feeling: If Dubya thinks he's pissed off? What the fuck are the rest of us feeling these days? Clue, here, George! You want to know why your ratings are so damned low????

One commentor said it well: "Colbert stood up and said what too many of us have been wanting someone to stand up and say to this flaccid ass." I could not agree more. Runaway deficits, a war with no purpose, a doomed health care system, oil pricing about to make us a brand-new recession, and this motherfucker sits there and gets pissed because he's been handed the handle to it???????????????

See, folks, this is what we call hubris. It's when an isolated jackass, armed with a yes-man press corps to sate his Caligula-ish ego, well, it's what happens when the truth comes out, and with cold brutality. The mama's boy got called on the carpet by a sharp critic of his mismanagement. He can't take the heat? He can take a Harry Truman roadmap.