"This Administration May Be Over"

Sunday, May 07, 2006 at 06:51 AM

I am in tears, folks. I haven't laughed this hard since reading Lee's "Outer Limits" piece, The Edge Of Blight....

Story speaks for itself, courtesy WaPo.

Oh, shall we? Oh, we must! We MUST!!

"The recent White House shake-up was an attempt to jump-start the administration and boost President Bush's rock-bottom approval ratings, but have those efforts come too late to salvage the presidency? A prominent GOP pollster thinks that may be the case.

"This administration may be over," Lance Tarrance, a chief architect of the Republicans' 1960s and '70s Southern strategy, told a gathering of journalists and political wonks last week. "By and large, if you want to be tough about it, the relevancy of this administration on policy may be over."

A new poll by RT Strategies, the firm headed by Tarrance and Democratic pollster Thomas Riehle, shows that 59 percent of Americans disapprove of Bush's job performance, while 36 percent approve -- a finding in line with other recent polls."


Lemme see that paper: Now, someone explain to me how reshuffling a marked deck works to clean up the game? Anyone?

Such idiots. Changes in policy, direction, leadership are indicated here, not more "same stuff, different mouth propelling it."

"Forty-eight percent of respondents said they would like to see the Democrats back in control of Congress, while 37 percent want Republicans to remain in charge. The war looms large as a concern of voters, the poll shows, along with jobs, health care, gas prices and immigration. Combating terrorism -- long the president's strong suit -- is far less of a concern."

Okay, unless you're a Rush, Sean, Michelle, Anne or Glenn fan, and we all know, you're no longer to be listened to....

"Thirty percent of those surveyed said they will vote for a candidate for Congress specifically to express opposition to Bush, while 16 percent said they will vote for a candidate to express their support for the president. Half said Bush will not be a factor in their voting."

I told ya so: Shlub is a 90-gigaton anchor around the Rethug party's neck. The more he screws the pooch, the better the dems look to the voters.

"We will have a referendum on Iraq for the first time in '06, and the '08 election may be similar," Tarrance said. The two years "are going to be relatively bundled together because of Iraq."

And we are all sick of Iraq. We're sick of counting the dead. We're sick of seeing our kids coming back in boxes. We're sick of the lies being told by Rummy and his PNAC buddies that we can win in Iraq, when the horrid truth is the old Klingon proverb: "Only a madman fights in a burning house."

Take heart, friends. Change is acomin'. We welcome it with open arms and with red, sore eyes. Enough of Bush, enough of Rethugs, enough of everything already.