Wall between Church & state? What wall? Where?

Sunday, May 07, 2006 at 04:53 PM

Say, didn't there used to be a wall there?  Right there, between that federal building and those churches?  Huh?

The Fort Worth Star Telegram reports that:

The Air Force said Saturday that it is investigating whether a general violated military rules by sending e-mail touting a conservative Christian running for Congress in Colorado.

Copies of the e-mails were made available to media by Mikey Weinstein, an Air Force Academy graduate who has sued the military over what he says is the growing dominance of the religious right in the Air Force.

The e-mail by Maj. Gen. Jack J. Catton was sent Thursday to more than 200 members of the academy Class of 1976, including some still serving. It refers to Bentley Rayburn, a Republican seeking the seat of GOP Rep. Joel Hefley, who is stepping down after 10 terms.

"We are certainly in need of Christian men with integrity and military experience in Congress," Catton's e-mail says.

Defense Department rules bar an active duty member of the military from getting involved in a political campaign, Weinstein said.

My guess is that we're going to be in a lot more "need of Christian men with integrity" now that so many of them are on the express train from Washington to prison, or courtrooms, or lawyers' offices to plan their defenses.  Right Tom?  Right Duke?