Swiftboating gas prices

Thursday, June 01, 2006 at 02:20 PM

The current crop of Republicans is very skilled at exactly one thing: smears and deception.  They can't govern an ant hill, but they sure could deceive the ants into attacking the Queen.

Ken Mehlman, the head of the RNC (either the Republican National Committee or the Relentless Namecalling Chowderheads, I forget which) has now figured out how to virtually Swiftboat Dems on gas prices.

Via pseudonews source NewsMax we get this from last week:

A Democratic-controlled Congress would boost gasoline prices even more though over-regulation and cost the average American family nearly $1,000 more a year, the Republican National Committee warns.

The Democrats favor an increase in the taxes imposed on gasoline purchases, and the average price of regular gas would rise to $3.751 a gallon, according to an e-mail from RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman.

The Web site GOP.com offers a "gas calculator" to show how much more each driver would pay in a year. The figures are based on year, make and model information about the vehicle, along with the average gasoline price in the state in which it is driven and the weekly distance traveled. This information is calculated against a template of proposed taxes and environmental regulations/restictions in accordance with the Kyoto Treaty, which is favored by many Democrats.

Bottom line: The average family would pay $955 more a year if Democrats take control of Congress, according to the RNC.

That's right, question the war record of the candidate who really did serve in the military and in a war, not the record of the candidate who finagled into a Guard unit and can't seem to prove he actually put in his full time.  And question the effect on gas prices of the party that is out of power and unable to affect prices, not of the party that has been in full power during the entire time that gas prices have shot through the roof, and has more connections to the oil and gas industry than President Bush has reasons for invading Iraq.

Can anyone say "Gasboat Vets for Truth?"  Gasbags?

Where have you gone, George Orwell, a nation turns its lonely eyes to you........